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final check of the forecast. >> we have a nice link on the website. this is 8 iwonders in one.
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this is what it would look like if you replace the moon with a planet. it is done with size correlation, giving perspective of how tiny the planet earth is and how a huge sum planets are there is saturn. the weather, you may want to wear shorts tomorrow, autria. no 38 degrees, it will feel colder, with the wind chill, the wind at 35-40. that will ease a little bit as we go into the evening. the game time temperature, 34 degrees, the wind chill factor in the 20's. a lot of huddling up: one of the stands. keep warm. chance of showers new year's eve into new year's day. no major storms on the horizon. >> for the record, i was
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squinting to see the picture. i cannot tell until i saw the rings. don't go anywhere, saturday news extra is coming up after this.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> as the clock ticks down lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are trying to hammer out a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. >> just three days to go, a breakdown of how the negotiations went today and what happens next. >> in washington, there is still hope that a deal could be done to avoid the fiscal cliff. all eyes were on the senate today where negotiators were
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trading revenue figures to try to reach an agreement all sides can agree with. the baseline for the president and the bipartisan deal would have to extend unemployment benefits that would affect 2 million americans and it would have to increase taxes on the highest income earners. the negotiators will still have to work out where exactly the tax increases would hit and whether they would stop the increase of the estate tax. the president has asked democratic leader harry reid to prepare a separate bill to put on the senate floor that would increase taxes for households that earn a quarter million dollars or more, and respect -- expect republicans would block that proposal. but rather than take it back as a stopgap measure, think of it as a political move to try to shift the responsibility of failure on to republi watches the hour of reckoning. >> as the deadline approaches,
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our coverage of the fiscal cliff negotiations continue on television and on-line at >> some people in the area are still cleaning up after the high wind thursday. and, apart, a tree crashed through a house. -- in takoma park, a tree crashed through a house. in mclean, trees littered the georgetown park way. >> maryland health officials are reporting their first death related to hypothermia of the season. the health department says a 65- year-old man died in frederick county between december 18-24. pulte officials did not release any other information related to his death. >> there is a new senator and he replaces the longtime senator who died earlier this month from hawaii. he was sworn in by vice
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president joe biden thursday. before his appointment, he served as a whole yes' lieutenant governor. -- he served as hawaii's lieutenant governor. the head of the environment protection agency is stepping down after four years. the tenure was notable for the high-profile fights against global warming the keystone oil pipeline, and new revelations of a coal-fired plant. jackson is expected to step down as president obama has a state of the union address. >> the president of the nra is weighing in on david gregory and his decision to put a high capacity ammunition clip on meet the press, which also caught the attention of d.c. police. >> there are two lessons don't ask the government what is legal and what is not legal because
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half the people don't know, and second that is a silly felony. >> it is illegal to have the high ammunition high capacity ammunition clip in the district. they say the incident demonstrates how outdated some gun laws are. a local man who has spent years on death row could soon be out of prison. >> the case has been ongoing for years, and now his mother says finally her son could soon be free. our northern virginia bureau chief has more on the newfound hope for the family. >> he has missed the last putt 12 christmases. >> this time, terry steinberg hopes that her son, who has sat in solitary confinement on death row 11 years will be free. she was shot after she learned yesterday he could be released
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any time. >> we are grateful for the release. >> but not angry at to not come sooner. >> getting angry does not help anything. i cannot be sad for we have lost christmases birthdays, holidays. >> he was convicted for a drug conviction. last month, a judge overturned the conviction, that prosecutors had evidence that could have hurt their case. they gave 120 days to retry wolfe but they failed to do so. the judge also barred prosecutors in the state from retrying him again. >> he has never wavered over 12 years. >> the prince william county prosecutor said, "we respectfully disagree with judge's decision." for steinberg, that could mean freedom for her son and all those who love him. >> it will be so good to put peace back in the home again for
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my family. >> jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> a big move for maryland live casino. we will tell you about the operating hours and how that could be a huge boost for the state. if >> the countdown to the big game is on. redskins fans are gone to great lengths to get their hands on tickets. >> the countdown is on, and it is going to be cold. the forecast coming out.
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>> tomorrow is the big game for the redskins' rookie quarterback, robert griffin iii. if the redskins win, they are in the playoffs. as john gonzalez reports, the fans are excited. how excited are redskins fans? redskins fever is boiling over in landover, two days before arguably the biggest football game this town has seen in at least a decade. the fans are not holding anything back. >> i think it is the best thing to happen since my first child. >> you heard him right, and you cannot say anything better, and match against the dallas cowboys, the final regular- season game, winner-take-all. >> washington fans stick with their teams, the matter what they do. >> down the street from the
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stadium, burgundy and gold is in the air, everything from balloons to gift baskets. a bakery full of cakes and redskins pastries. >> a lot of party is going on. >> if you are still trying to get tickets, it will cost between $500-$800. >> it will be wonderful. >> the stadium and it's expected to be the loudest to has ever been. some say it could be reached rfk- type excitement. a prediction? >> they will win, 36-26. >> this is such a big game, metro will stay open an extra hour after the game and the stadium is allowing tailgating to begin one hour earlier sunday. the party begins at 3:30 in the parking lot. john gonzalez, abc 7 news.
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>> one of the first major expansion of gambling in the free state maryland casino is now open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. they'll block the doors for the last time thursday, a big cause for celebration for staff and the casino regular customers. >> it is very convenient. >> we like to come first thing in the morning before its crowded. >> this opens up a new group of customers. >> the casino brought in nearly $35 million last month 67% going to the state. the new extended our should mean more revenue. it is the list that movie lovers do not want to miss. >> arch campbell names the top 10 movies of 2012.
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>> if you have not been out
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tonight, don't bother. >> the good news, tomorrow, there will not be any rain or snow. but it will be cold. >> all built up. it is better to be dry. a lot of people want the snow, and they are kind of like, why didn't we get there? it is too warm. the ground temperature was in the upper 30's, and even though we had the puffy clouds -- >> there it is coming down. at the picture on the website, nice job. outside right now, the wind diminishing, and we are looking for stronger wind in the early morning hours. the skies beginning to clear out. the storm system from earlier today, long gone. it picked up a lot of steam as it moved out. 40 degrees at this hour, the wind variable at 5 m.p.h. at
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reagan national. but let that fool you. overnight, wind gusts of -- don't let that fool you overnight wind gusts up to 40 m.p.h. in the district, they have had 40 m.p.h. wind, 35 mile per hour wind gusts in newington virginia, 40 degrees. 48 camp springs, md., sustained wind at 20. the temperatures in the 30's, quantico, and virginia. the temperatures fall 5-6 degrees the next couple of hours. the really cold air, the teens upper michigan and minneapolis, single digits, that core of colder air is not arriving here anytime soon. that is good news for us stable weather pattern. the only bumopp is new year's eve and two new year's day. no major storms on the way or in
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the forecast any time soon. the weather maker early this morning, jetting off to the north and east beginning to exit boston where they got a lot of snow. for us, not much at all, just a note ugly day. the high pressure pushing from the west, gusty wind, remaining with us through the day tomorrow. late afternoon evening hours settles down a little bit. no warnings for the immediate metro. if travel plans to keep the garrett county, extreme western maryland, the winter storm warnings continue until 7:00 in the morning. the temperatures tomorrow, 35- 40, but with the wind chill at feel in the 20's. monday, new year's eve, showers popping up, mixing with some snow, not anticipating a lot. 25-32 the evening lows, the same wind tomorrow 25-30 the
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temperatures in the upper 30's. the game day forecast, " this is a winner. the temperature at 34 degrees at kickoff time. that is a little after 8:00. the wind will be about 25 m.p.h. and as we move into the start of 2013, a little bit of a cold start, but nothing brutally cold. but look at fry, 34 degrees. but there is no moisture, so no snow. >> pack some hot chocolate for the tailgate tomorrow. >> yes. >> need a suggestion when it comes to a
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>> what did you like at the movies this year? here are a few to remember. >> number 10, "ted," the funniest movie. 89 "skyfall." 8, "looper." 7, "end of watch." 6, "the master."
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4, "moonrise kingdom." 3, "argo," truth wilder than fiction. 2, "lincoln," a history lesson for our time. >> on top "zero dark thirty." the weekend movie guide -- have a great weekend. i'm arch

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